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According to a recent Forfas report, the global game’s industry is estimated to be valued at €48 billion and this figure is expected to increase to €65.9 billion by 2015. The IDA is expecting an increase over the next two years and the gaming industry presents numerous opportunities for growth across Ireland in the immediate future. It is estimated that the games industry in Ireland will create an additional 2500 jobs in the next two years. Furthermore, there would also be a significant level of associated employment in firms supplying the sector.

The Programme for Government included a commitment to support the digital games industry and to promote Ireland as a gaming hub. Now, Ireland is making a name for itself as a hub for IT, social media and cloud computing. Experts are calling for the Government to copy the model used in Ontario, Canada where the tax incentives have created a gaming industry employing over 100,000 people. The gaming industry is expanding at an exponential rate and the recruitment industry has to follow suit.


Ireland's Women in Games invited to European Conference in London 26 September 2012

Women In Games Jobs (WIGJ) is pleased to invite women and men from Ireland and all over Europe to this year’s European Women In Games conference which will take place on September 26th 2012 at the Hilton Hotel, Kensington in London. The theme of this year’s conference is the evolving of the games industry and the opportunities that this creates for all.
Ella Romanos, MD of Remode Studios will give a keynote on “HTML5: Fad or Future?” Martha Henson of Wellcome Collection will also speak on “Drugs, bugs and neuroscience: a formula for successful learning games?”

Gina Jackson CEO of WIGJ, commented: “I am delighted that we can announce our first two women speakers. Ella and Martha are innovators in their areas and I believe we can learn much from them both. The conference will be a celebration of the achievements of women working in the games industry and I hope will act as an inspiration for other women at all levels to come and join us. We invite anyone wanting to be inspired and learn about our changing industry to come and join us on September 26th
Tickets and the latest programme are available now at starting at only £25 from :  The conference starts at 1.00 on 26th September and finishes at 5.00 with sponsored drinks to follow until 7.00 pm. Registration for the conference opens at 12.15 at Hilton Hotel Kensington.

Mirko Gozzo, General Manager for Europe for Riot Games, met Game Careers at gamescom

Mirko Gozzo, European General Manager for Riot Games, talks to David Smith of Interactive Selection and Game Careers at GDC Europe in Germany. Mirko has been in the computer games industry for more than 10 years with extensive expertise operating and publishing overseas products (especially from Asian companies) within the European market in multiple languages. He is experienced in both pay-to-play (P2P) and free-to-play (F2P) business models focussing every action on its ROI, PCU, APA, ARPPU / B-ARPU, player acquisition, retention and re-acquisition. He has successfully launched many AAA online games including World of Warcraft, Aion, Lineage II, and other top-selling offline games including Mortal Kombat: Deception, F.E.A.R., Commandos and Empire Earth. His advice to those thinking of applying for a job at Riot Games:

“If I have one suggestion that would be play League of Legends and tell us what you think – all the good things and also the bad things, which are the most important for us because we always want to improve, and having someone passionate about the game who can tell us where we can improve its exactly what we like.”  See the full clip here:


Recruiting more women into games: Highlights video from European Women in Games Conference

Too busy, too far away, just thought it a waste of time or never even heard about it, you can now get a flavour of what you missed. Whatever reason you could not make it to the European Women in Games Conference, London on 22 September 2011, here is the highlights video of the conference brought to you courtesy of James Hakesly Photography. Sold out and packed into the downstairs conference suite of the NH Harrington Hall Hotel, London, some of the games industry’s most successful female achievers inspired other women seeking to enter the games industry and those wishing to progress their careers at the annual European Women in Games Conference and Networking event. If you are interested in joining the WIGJ professional network, we recommend you should join over 2500 other supporters in our LinkedIn group.

Change the default resolution of 360p to 720p and see the full clip below in glorious HD.

Irish composer/conductor with Blizzard Games rocks Nintedo's E3 presentation

Eimear Noone is an Irish composer/conductor living in LA working with Blizzard Games and Nintendo. See her conducting the orchestra ahead of Nintedo’s E3 presentation in this video clip of the Zelda Overture at E3 2011.

Ireland's Women in Games invited to European Conference in London 22 Sept. 2011

Women In Games Jobs (WIGJ) announces this year’s women in games conference will take place on September 22nd 2011 in London. This first ever pan European conference for women is being supported and championed by an impressive Advisory Board.

Board members in alphabetical order include:

Ali Bergstrom-Allen, Production Lead, Sony Computer Entertainment;

Barbara Bernad, Lead Animator, Maverick Media;

Alison Cressey, Open Sauce Marketing and former European MD, Activision;

Geraldine Cross, HR Manager, Blitz Games;

Jo Goodson, Jo Wood Consultants and former European MD, Broderbund;

Helen Kennedy, University of the West of England and Women in Games;

Clare Maddalena, Maddalena Consulting;

Louise Murray, Head of Fable Franchise, Microsoft Lionhead;

David Smith, Founder, WIGJ;

Fiona Sperry, Studio Director and VP, EA Criterion Games

Giselle Stewart, General Manager, Ubisoft Reflections.

The conference focus is Career Development for women within the European games industry, featuring keynote and specialist speakers giving practical advice on getting into and getting ahead in the industry, where as few as 1 in 15 people are women.

Further announcements on the speaker line up and venue details will follow.

David Smith, founder of WIGJ, commented: “This year’s Women In Games Conference is aimed at both women in games education and women with firmly established careers in games development and games publishing across Europe – a ‘must attend’ event for women seeking to progress their careers in the male dominated games sector.”

Early Bird Tickets priced at £20+ service fee are on sale at Eventbrite. Go to

Video presented at Gateway Ireland on Video and Online Gaming industry in Ireland

Interesting if slightly OTT, short HD video presented at Gateway Ireland on the Gaming industry in Ireland. There is lots going on. You just need some help on finding it. There are plugs for Demonware, Havok, Zynga, FaceBook, Blizzard, Dylan Collins, Seamus Blackley, Steve Collins and Dave Perry. Interactive Selection is that professional advisor on games jobs in Ireland.

US MMO Publisher seeks European Managing Director for Dublin, Ireland

Interactive Selection has been tasked to recruit a European Managing Director for a US MMO Publisher. We are searching for a smart, passionate, business minded Managing Director for our client’s European Office. You would be responsible for developing the business across Europe, setting up the company culture within the European offices, leading and growing the European team and managing financial and physical resources. Full spec at If you know of anyone who would be interested, please ask them to make contact with David Smith at Interactive Selection.  Closing date for interst is 8 April 2011.

Interactive Selection interviewed live on BBC News and featured in Edge Magazine

Can you think of 2 more prestigious institutions than the BBC and Edge Magazine? David Smith, MD of Interactive Selection, found himself live in front of BBC News anchors Simon McCoy and Carrie Gracie at 10.43 on September 21st for an interview about the games industry and the topic of start ups and jobs. For a full 3 minutes he fielded questions on the state of the games industry today, how it may fare providing new jobs moving forward and how the unemployed may want to find a job within computer games. For a more detailed report see the Games Job Blog.

On September 21st Edge Magazine’s feature Get into Games 2010 was published and David Smith again found himself the firts external recruiter to be interviewed in the history of Edge Magazine. You can click through to the full report: Get Into Games 2010: David Smith, Interactive Selection

2 questions about the role of the modern recruiter from the Edge interview are repeated here:

Edge: Thanks to things like forums, modding and trade shows, the game industry gets closer to its audience by the year. How does that affect the job of the recruiter?
David: You haven’t mentioned social networking, which is probably a bigger influence than the other three. Sites like LinkedIn are a godsend for internal recruiters in particular, as well as for people with their own LinkedIn profile who want to talk directly to employers. But in terms of the role of the recruiter – and yes, it’s changing all the time – I’d say that recruiters these days are much less a necessary middleman than a necessary guide or confidante, or even a trusted professional advisor. That can be for employers as well, not just jobseekers. We offer that extra bit of expertise in what is a very fast and changing market.

Edge: But aren’t developers trying to step into that mentor role themselves to an extent?
David: The difference between that and a jobseeker talking to a recruiter is that developers only have the one job to offer, which is with their particular company. Recruiters are paid to have a knowledge of the overall market and don’t just offer a portfolio of potential jobs – they can also talk to jobseekers on a job-by-job basis. If you’ve got a job with Quantic Dream, they’re not going to offer you a job at Ubisoft down the road – they’re interested in their immediate needs, so they’re never going to be able to offer the advice that we give, which is really to look after people over their whole career.

Trust Interactive Selection for your recruiting needs in Ireland.

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