Our Dublin showcases a range of the sights to be enjoyed around the city of Dublin

Now you can get a taste of Dublin before you even arrive! Our Dublin showcases a range of the sights to be enjoyed in and around the city of Dublin. If you’re looking for a young, lively city with a vibrant nightlife, a glimpse of an ancient civilisation, a cultural feast, a musical odyssey, stunning scenery, […]

Dylan Collins of game developer JOLT Online talks of transparency in digital world.

Serial internet entrepreneur Dylan Collins of JOLT Online talks of the imperative for transparency in the new digital world. Over 400 of Irelands business and technology community gathered in Dublin on March 3, at an event hosted by UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business, to discuss the potential of digital for Ireland’s businesses. Jolt […]

Survey by academics reveals the Games Industry in Ireland 2009

A survey conducted by Aphra Kerr, based at the National University of Ireland Maynooth, and Anthony Cawley, University of Limerick, over the summer of 2009 explored the demographics and functions of game companies on the island of Ireland. The twenty-one companies who responded employ a total of 1,277 full time permanent employees plus 170 contractors […]

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